On April 30, 2018


Looking for love

Male Domestic Short Hair Cat

So easy to rescue your own pet. Feels so good, you really are making THE difference to that cat’s life. For that cat it’s like getting from the streets, drain, dumpster etc into paradise when they can sleep in a warm, soft bed all of a sudden with a full belly.
They are everywhere… around junk food places, restaurants, supermarkets… hire a trap, Contact us for cheap Desexing and done! Yes they will be a bit of a challenge for a while but every little improvement/progress is so rewarding!

The latest lucky one is this young man, living a homeless, dangerous life on busy port road. Anybody has a little laundry/spare room spot for him?

Contact usĀ here to enquire about Hendrix.

Hendrix 2 Hendrix 1


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