Munny Bunny

On June 22, 2018

Munny Bunny

Looking for love

Male Lop Eared Rabbit

A little cheeky lop rabbit! He is only young, now draesexed and chipped and the cheekiest most confident little thing!

Thinks he is boss over the cats, chases them up everything… hobbles in and outdoors through the cat flap which he learnt the very first day.

Certainly not a bunny who wants to spend his life in a hutch! Well no animal should anyway… so we need a big bunny lover for him.

Somebody who knows rabbits and loves them that much like other people love cats or dogs or birds.

He is only $100, his desexing cost $65 and micro-chipping cost $35.

Contact usĀ here to enquire about Munny Bunny

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