On May 21, 2019


Mini Lap Lion

Male Domestic Long Hair Cat

Check out this young boy! Trapped in the neighbourhood 1.5 years ago.

Until 3 days ago – not touchable. Now, like a rag doll on my lap…

What happened?

He looked a bit sick lately but … lots of room to run away here… 3 days ago he came close when I put wet food out for everybody. I tried to touch him and to my surprise he let me!

So I quickly grabbed him on his fur, carried him inside, into a crate, started him on antibiotics for flu and ever since, in the crate or in my lap he behaves like a baby! Loves the heater, belly rubs, lots of food…

I can’t take him out into the shelter now again when he is showing so much pet material…

We need to find him a loving, indoors home!!


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