On March 12, 2018

This beautiful boy was abandoned by his first humans, they just left him to fight for himself when they moved interstate.

Now he is looking for a loving home as the parents he has found himself unfortunately can’t keep him.
Here a few words from the people of his choice:
He is a lovely cat, he looks skinny standing up but weighs 5.940 kgs!
He has been, around the neighbour hood since middle of winter and has let me pat him every time we’ve seen him and he has been in our front yard since Saturday and hasn’t left, climbs on our laps no dramas and purs when he gets pats.

He isn’t feral, just been abandoned by the last people who owned him. .

He is De-sexed, wormed, flea treated, and vaccinated. He is FIV positive which means rspca would euthanize him.

Cat lovers know that’s not a reason to euthanize at all.

As long as FIV pos and neg cats don’t get into bloody fights nothing will happen. Plenty of households where neg cats live happily together with pos ones.
Just like humans. We don’t euthanize HIV pos humans do we…

Contact us here to enquire about Ginger.

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