Become a Foster Carer

Are you interested in becoming a foster carer?

As our shelter is now becoming more of a sanctuary for rescue cats that can sometimes be considered unrehomable, we are always DESPERATELY looking for cat lovers who are interested in rescue, and would like to make a difference in one cats life (or more!!). Whilst experience would be fantastic, what we require most is a desire to help these cats in need, a desire to want to change their life. Some of our cats may have had very little human interaction. Or they may have been on the streets for a while so have lost all trust in humans, but (and talking of experience), with a bit of love and patience most of these cats will learn to trust again. Sometimes all it takes is the right person, and a big heart!

Basically no matter what your level of experience, there would be a cat at the shelter who would benefit from a foster care home like your own.

If you think fostering is for you, then please contact us to find out more information.


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